Indicators When Fence Replacement Is Needed

A wood fence is one of the most well-used types of fencing because of its natural beauty and traditional look. But, a wooden fence doesn’t last that long and it tends to begin deteriorating as time passes by. Though regular repair and maintenance can help prolong your fence’s life, a day will come when you’ll be required to have it replaced. But, how can you determine whether the fence only needs to be repaired or it really needs to be replaced? Here are some of the major indicators you should pay attention to for you to determine:

Damaged or broken boards.

If you can observe damaged or broken boards, then it could mean that your fence requires to be replaced. Eventually, wear and tear and deterioration could result in your boards to get damaged. As singular boards can be changed easily, if you have any issues with several boards and the damage is already severe, then you should think about entirely replacing your fence since that can be an indication that your fence isn’t in good condition.

Sagging or leaning fence

One of the indicators that means you should consider replacing your fence is when it starts to sag or even when it leans to one side or another. Sometimes, this issue could be fixed by changing one or more fence posts. However, once several fence posts are already damaged or warped, then it could mean that your wood fence has started to weaken.

Indicators of insect damage

Insect damage could be hazardous to wooden fences since it could lead to a compromised structure. Indicators of boring, gnawing, or holes in your fences could mean that insect infestation exists. Also, you should pay attention to such fence damages since once you can determine the infestation as early as you can, you might be able to remove the infesting insects and have the affected fences repaired. Although, if the damage is already widespread, you should definitely consider to entirely replace your fences. If you want to do so, make sure to hire a professional fence contractor near you to have it installed efficiently.

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